Dream Latte Mocha 

 So I got the chance to sample this coffee and almond drink! This drink you can either drink warm like a regular coffee or you can pour it over ice and have an iced coffee! It’s your choice! It is Non GMO project verified, dairy free, naturally caffeinated, and they use faur trade coffee beans! Some other great benefits of this coffee drink is that it is gluten free, rich in calcium and Vitamin D, and an excellent source of Vitamin E! It is also kosher and vegan!!! So i went ahead and drank this drink warm because that is how I like my coffee the best! Now when I tried this drink the first thing that I noticed is that I could really taste the almonds! It tasted very creamy and it was the right mixture of sweetness and bitterness that I enjoy! It wasn’t to syrupy or to strong and had just the right amount of caffeine in it to get my day started the right way!!! I know I will definitely be buying this drink in the future! 


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