Fage total 2% with strawberry

So I had surgery today and am strictly on a soft diet so the next couple days I am going to be trying different yogurts and soups! Today I tried Fage ( pronounced Fa-yeh!) total 2% with strawberry! My family knows that I am a big fruit fan and strawberries are a complete favorite of my oldest son and myself. This yogurt has the plain vanilla yogurt on one side and has the strawberries on the other side! When you open it up you should be able to flip the strawberry side straight over onto the yogurt side! Great idea if it had worked! Unfortunately I still had to spoon the strawberries onto the yogurt! I mixed it all together and got my first try of this yogurt. The first thought that popped into my mind was the word plain. Even with the strawberries it still had barely any flavor. The yogurt was really thick and even my kids agreed that maybe if it had a little bit more strawberries it wouldn’t be so plain. The upsides to purchasing this yogurt is that it’s all natural, lowfat, and it is a greek strained yogurt. The company itself opposes to the use of rBGH in cows so that is an upside as well! Another thing that I personally didn’t like to much was that in this one small cup of yogurt there is 140 calories! This is one product that I believe is a hit or miss! You will either like it or you won’t! 


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