Jones soda company fufu berry

 So Decided to try a new Jones soda yesterday! It is called fufu berry soda! Jones soda is a cane sugar soda with natural and artificial flavors. With the jones soda brand, they have been independent since 1996 and you have the chance to send them a photo, abd if they like it they will actually put it on one of their labels! They have all different types of flavors if sodas and it has such a clear, precise flavor that it just makes you want to drink more! The fufu berry soda, when I tried it, made me think of summer! It made me think of sitting down in the sun and eating an amazing succulent and sweet bowl of berries! This soda might be just a little to sweet for some people. I liked it but could only drink one bottle and i’d be done! My seven year old said it tasted sweet like cotton candy and he absolutely loved it! This is a soda that I would recommend giving a try! 


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